Clean Eating, Healthy Dinner Recipes, and More.

clean eating recipes

What is clean eating? To us, clean eating is about so much more than optimum nutrition. Clean eating is an anti inflammatory way of eating and cooking based on unrefined ingredients with an emphasis on plant foods. To see the Clean Cuisine food pyramid and learn more about what it means to live a clean eating lifestyle click HERE.

The taste and presentation of the food as well as the experience of where we are eating and who we are eating with are all so very important to our family. We feel passionately that everything about the food you eat should be enjoyable and that eating clean is something the entire family should be able to do together.

When Ivy was first diagnosed with an autoimmune disease in 1998 and told by her neurologist that following an anti inflammatory diet could potentially help slow the progression of her disease, she had absolutely no idea how to eat clean, where to start or what in the world to cook. Nobody was using the internet to search for recipes back then, healthy cookbooks were not all that inspiring and food blogs were not yet a thing. Throughout the years we have worked hard to put together a collection of clean eating recipes, healthy dinner recipes and clean eating recipes for kids that our entire family enjoys and that also keep Ivy healthy. Things we’ve considered that we thought would be helpful for those looking for the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle.

The clean eating recipe categories below are an extension of what we have included in our Clean Cuisine book and were developed to fit within the guidelines of the nutrient-dense, anti inflammatory diet Ivy has been using to control the symptoms of her autoimmune disease for almost twenty years. These are healthy living recipes we have raised our son on and they are recipes that have become our family staples. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Clean Eating Recipes

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